Frequently Asked Questions


          We understand that media production & technology can be relatively complex.  To help answer some of your initial questions and share additional information, we've compiled a list of common questions and answers our clients and collaborators often want to know.

Our FAQ's page is divided into sections to help categorize information:
General, Technical, and Workflow.

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Firstly, What's the Purpose of a FAQ's Page?

Great Question!  Simply put, our FAQ's Page is intended to give our clients an informative overview of the process we take when executing a live webcast production, ultimately helping you decide if what we do is a good fit for you, your event and your goals.


What is a "Live-Stream"?

A live-stream is a web or internet-based broadcast; similar to a television broadcast, but not quite.  The difference between a live-stream and a tv Broadcast is fairly straight-forward: a standard broadcast distributes an event to a public television station or network channel, while conversely a live-stream is done via an online platform that's more affordable and friendly for our area of clientele and their viewing community.  Discover how we can produce and distribute your virtual event - Contact Us.

What Type of Events / Occasions can DLP Live-Stream?

DLP is capable and ready to produce live webcasts for small events with a primary focus on those leaving a lasting Spiritual, Motivational, and/or Educational impact on its viewers, including Music & DJs, Celebrations of Life / Funerals, Worship Services, Sports, Workshops, Graduation Ceremonies, and More!  As long as we are able to receive a strong signal to our network hardware device, we can produce your virtual event.

Can you Distribute our Virtual Event to the Web?

Absolutely we can!  We've shot a variety of events from Live Music/DJs with visuals, Worship Services, and Celebrations of Life.  Our previous Webcasts have helped our clients reach their audiences from countries on the other side of the Globe, including India, Malaysia, England, and beyond.  We handle the production and Content Distirbution Network (CDN) aspect so that our clients can take the lead on promoting their virtual event link to their communities via social sharing or direct outreach to their fans, friends, family, co-workers, or clients.  

Can you Broadcast our Virtual Event to a Television Channel..?

If you have a private / internal community channel - through your cable provider, for example - there is a high probability we can, and we've done this before!  This would simply require a bit extra communication and collaboration between DLP and your team.  On the Other hand, if you want to air your virtual event on a public television channel, that is not within our capabilities at the moment, however, we expect to accommodate this in the future as DLP expands.

How does DLP Produce Live Productions for Clients?

After you inquire with us about your occasion, we will have you submit your response to our FREE virtual consultation form at your convenience which will ask you nearly all we need to know to begin pre-production once you've booked.  Once we finish the consultation, discovery phase, and completed some administration with you, we then strive to complete a Location Scout Evaluation of the production space prior to our production occasion with you.  After mapping out the venue/location, it's Go Time!  The DLP crew will arrive on production day approximately 1-3 hours prior to your events start time, depending on the scope and complexity of the production setup.  Our early arrival ensures we are setup well before the start, audio and video sources are connected properly and synced together, and offers the crew time to troubleshoot any technical obstacles that may arise.  While you participate in or manage your event, we manage the live production end-to-end.  On production completion, we typically take 45- to 80-minutes to breakdown and pack our production equipment. - Head to our Contact Form to inquire with us about your occasion!

What makes Divine Light Productions (DLP) Unique?

We thought you'd never ask!  We love how geographically far we can transport our clients virtual events around the world through the internet.  We are dedicated to providing a mobile, high-quality end-result comparable to industry standards that are individually tailored in collaboration with our client's creative vision at a fraction of the cost.  Our ability to provide a client-oriented product and experience is driven by our thoughtfulness and creative thoroughness built upon mutual respect.

How much does Live Webcast Production Cost?

How much does a house cost!  Well, that depends on where in the world or country the house is located, how many square feet, how many bedrooms... it's subjective.  The investment cost of a live production works just the same.  We take into consideration how large the venue or location is for your event to determine how far we'll be running wires from our broadcast station to each camera and the sound source, how many cameras and operators are required to effectively capture your event, and whether you want on-screen graphics or motion graphics to share a message, promote something or perhaps a call-to-action (CTA).  We operate with a structure-based pricing that's determined by how engaging and dynamic you want your virtual event to be for your viewers.

Does DLP Give back to the Community?

Yes we do!  As you'll see in our consultation form, we are committed to contributing through financial donations to a handful of non-profit organizations, including the National Association for the Education of Youth Children (NAEYC), United Services Organization (USO), Futures Without Violence, and the Sierra Club.  At the end of every year, we donate a percentage of DLP's financial gains.  Additionally, we offer our clients the opportunity to contribute their own portion of donations to one or more of the non-profit organizations through DLP at time of invoicing to receive a discount on their production with us.

Does DLP Offer Discounts?

We do!  We offer a small discount for military service-members & veterans as well as first-responders and medical field professionals.  DLP requires a method of verification within your stated field in order to receive the discount.  We also offer a discount to donators as outlined in the FAQ above regarding DLP giving back to the community.  If applicable, only one discount offer can be applied per project.


Does DLP need to utilize a Client's in-house Internet Connection to get our Virtual Event Online?

No, we are fully independent with our network solution and do not need access to a client's network access point.  This is one of the aspects of our production service we pride ourselves in.  Through the enablement of modern technology, DLP is capable of providing our own portable network hardware that allows us access to utilize bandwidth from local 4G LTE / 4G / 3G signal towers by one of the nation's most reliable networks.


How do we Share our Virtual Event Feed to our Community?

Easy - we share the direct link with you, and you can share it wherever you'd like with whomever you'd like.  Once we gather the event information and details form you, we input it into our content distribution platform to create a scheduled virtual event.  Once it's scheduled on our end, our shareable link will be provided to you.  You can send the link out via an email distribution list, create hyperlinks in your blog, send via text message or publish it directly to your social media.  If you're really striving to reach wider audiences with your virtual event, you can promote it via your social media platform.

At what Resolution can DLP Distribute the Webcast?

We are able to distribute our webcast productions up to 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps) - we expect to expand our capabilities to 60fps in the near future.  If needed, your viewers can then downscale the feed resolution on their end to 720p or even 480p so that they receive the best quality virtual event that their internet service provider (ISP) and signal strength can sustain.

How does DLP's Technology Distribute the Virtual Event to the Web?

We utilize a high-end computer and processor with encoding software which allows us to operate on a smaller, portable scale to manage the demands of your virtual event production.

Can you Help us Promote our Business - product, service, or event - through the Virtual Event Production?

Yes we can!  We offer a handful of add-ons to help make your virtual event as pleasant as possible to the viewers while simultaneously offering you an outlet to share what you do and your mission to attract new clients to your venture.  Our on-screen still / motion graphics can facilitate the promotion of your product, service, future event or even display a call-to-action (CTA).  Submit you event request to our Consultation Form today to see how our graphics can help your venture!

How many Video or Audio Sources can DLP Accomodate in a Production?

Our current production setup is capable of incorporating a total of six (6) sources.  These sources can be a combination of cameras, multi-media (such as a presentation/project or another laptop), and/or an audio interface to capture clean audio from your in-house PA system or soundboard.

How many Cameras does my Event Need?

Lets reference the FAQ above about "how much a house costs;" it's relatively subjective.  It depends heavily on the type of event; how large the venue is; and how dynamic, immersive, and intimate you want your virtual event to appear for your online viewers.  Often, the more cameras you have, the more engaging your virtual event can appear to the viewer.  We currently have a total of five (5) cameras, including three (3) camcorders; one (1) DSLR; and one (1) compact wide-angel camera.  Each camera - with the exception of the compact one - can be manually operated by a camera operator (CO) to ensure laser-focus on the subject of the event, or they can be completely static and immobile.

I want to display a Presentation / PowerPoint into the Live Feed - Can DLP make it Happen...?

Yes!  Presentation integration - known as multi-media integration - is one of our many capabilities.

What Types of Graphics can DLP Overlay on my Virtual Event?

On-screen still graphics and motion graphics are both within our grasp!  Want your flier of an upcoming event to fly on- and off-screen? - Done!  Promoting your newly released product...? - Say no more!  What about a 15-second promo or b-roll video from a video shoot last month...?!? - You guessed it; YES, we got you covered!


Combining all this Tech-y Stuff Sounds Complicated... Are you sure DLP can get our In-Person Event online...?

Absolutely!  We've produced a range of live multi-camera webcasts for a variety of satisfied clients for their events.  Although technology has a mind of its own sometimes, this is why we allow ourselves ample time to setup before we go live - to perform checks & balances and troubleshoot wherever necessary.  Take a look at our previous webcast productions HERE, and lets get your virtual event in the collection too!


When our Event and the DLP Production finish, can we have the final recording of the Virtual Event?

We can deliver a full recording!  As part of our add-ons, we offer our clients the option of a full recording.