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About Us

          Divine Light Productions (DLP) is a Chicago, Illinois-based live-media production team converting in-person events into an inclusive online experience through Live-Stream Production.  We service Small Event Planners, Organizers, Managers, and Hosts who strive to imprint a Lasting Spiritual, Motivational, or Educational/Social impact.
For more information about our production process and collaborating with us, please see our
FAQ’s page.

Our Team


          Jared is the Founder of Divine Light Productions (DLP), a Producer/Project Manager, and Technical Director (TD).


          He is a passionate, goal-oriented, results-driven, multi-talented media production entrepreneur and project manager, among many other identifies.  Jared has accumulated nearly a decade of experience in production and content creation combined across live-streaming/webcasting, commercial video production, filmmaking & documentary production, and photography.

          Jared started his career storytelling-through-camera as a hobby in 2011 by manually processing and developing film images in a dark room.  His interest in motion picture & video production began with inspiration from travel filmmakers and videographers while serving in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 2013-2018.  As it became a regular practice to live & explore the world vicariously and build community, Jared quickly knew motion picture production would be his creative outlet both for himself and for many others yet to come.  In collaboration with other creatives, he has produced several short films and micro-documentaries, as well as contributed to a collection of both creative and commercial content over the course of his ASU academic journey and independently.

          Some of Jared’s other interests and passions include listening to podcasts on business and mental health, encouraging others to reach for their highest potential, oral care & education as a former Dental Assistant (DA), and expanding awareness of renewable energy while actively contributing to designing and installing photovoltaic solar energy systems for [primarily] residential properties.

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